Hamlets of Nassagaweya

The first beginning of this place was in 1852 when Thomas Easterbrook built the store. He had bought some wheat the year before. The storehouse was built the year after and so was the hotel. In the year 1900 fire broke out in the old hotel causing considerable damage, and burning four other buildings in the path of destruction. In 1884 Dr. J. A. McTaggart graduated as a Veterinarian and began his practice in Brookville. He continued until he passed away in 1931. In 1932 Dr. B. D. Young bought the property and carried on a Veterinarian Clinic.
Campbellville got its name from John Campbell, who was the first settler in the place. He came from Scotland to Lower Canada, stopped there one year and then came here in 1832, erected a dwelling in wigwam style, covered it with hemlock boughs and called it home. William Campbell, son of John Campbell, was a carpenter by trade.  About the year 1842 a blacksmith shop was opened here by Davidson, after this Duncan Reed opened a blacksmith shop.  James Menzies opened his blacksmith shop in 1857.  Dr. Winn came.  The Terra Cotta Works are just commencing operations.  The Canadian Pacific Railway, built in 1880, provides fast transportation east and west and from Guelph Junction one mile west of Campbellville, rail lines run south to Hamilton and northwest to Guelph and Goderich.
Nassagaweya Town Hall 
The Agricultural Society established in 1854 held their exhibitions at the Town Hall after it was built in 1875.
The social life of the community centered around dances held at Brookville Hall once or twice a month.  An old stove stood in the middle of the hall.  Life was different then; whole families including children went to the dances.  Presentations were held for newlyweds and folks leaving the area, benefit dances for fire victims.
The back room was home of the township office and council meetings held in the main hall. 
Township Sells Knatchull Hall
The sale of the ancient Hall on the 4th line Nassagaweya north of 25 Sideroad was approved by Nassagaweya Township council.  An offered of $300 was accepted for the old log building which was once a church and later a community hall, and for the first time in 1960 it was not  used as a polling subdivision for the township election.
In 1924 John Allison moved his house to the corner and also built a small store that became known as the Booth. Taking advantage of the increasing popularity of the automobile he added the gas pumps.
One the earliest settlers, George Allison and his brother John had come to Nassagaweya in 1828 and acquired their land in 1831. Charles King was the originator of this Village; in 1843 he built himself a shop on the south corner of Lot 16 and the 2nd Concession of First Line selling everything from “a darning needle to a bootjack”.